The School Needs the Support of the Community

The parents who rear and nurture the children with outmost love and care dwell in the community. Parents are primarily responsible in providing their children with basic knowledge and teaching them right attitudes and values. While the school nourishes the child’s attitudes and values by enriching the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual needs. Continue reading

Using the Rights-Based Approach in Child-Friendly School

A rights-based child-friendly school is a child-seeking school. It identifies and seeks children to get them enrolled in school and be included in learning. The children or learners are the rights holder while the school faculty and staff are duty bearers.

Thus, it helps in demonstrating, promoting, and helping to monitor the rights and well-being of all children in the community. The school acts in the best interests of the child, leading to the realization of the child’s full potential, and concerned about the “whole” child and about what happens to children in their families and communities before they enter school and after they leave it, creating a life-long learning. Continue reading

Maximizing anti-bullying mechanism in schools through the school heads and teachers

cyberbullyingRecently the issues on bullying are rising in the midst of institutionalized anti bullying and child protection campaign in schools.

In reality, bullying may start from simple teasing which is often part of growing up. Every child experiences being teased whether at home or in school. Adults need to be cautious in every word uttered for it may inflect negative results to the person spoken. We have to realize that words could cause pain that would become baggage as the grow old. Continue reading

Teachers responsible for every learner

Every client is valuable. It simply means that the position you hold in the government holds you liable to the public.  Hence, public school teachers should take an account for their direct actions, views and decisions for the students they serve need their guidance and direction being second parents. Teachers in school should help create a positive learning environment for the learners. Continue reading

DepEd Region 10 strengthens partnerships, innovates teaching for ALS

als2PASIG CITY, June 14, 2017 – Through the Department of Education’s (DepEd) continuous expansion and strengthening of the Alternative Learning System (ALS), being out of school no longer has to mean being discouraged to continue education.

“I am appealing to everyone that we do not forget our learners outside the formal system. They, too, are our children; and they, too, deserve the same amount of our attention and pledges of support and assistance in every way,” Education Secretary Leonor Magtolis Briones implored stakeholders. Continue reading

School heads as ICT4Ed LRMDS chair

Our world is changing fast due to evolving technology. What we know today might become immaterial the next two to five years. Moreover, the trend of globalization through education creates pressure on us to shift from the practices of the “old school” to ensure that our education system is at par with international standards. Consequently, this changes the landscape of education which requires the leaders and teachers to adapt management and teaching style wherein learners imbibe competencies for life-long learning. Continue reading

Insights on the School Heads Development Program: Foundation Course

Hotel Koresco, Upper Balulang, Cagayan de Oro City
January 19, 2017

The widest room in this world is the room for improvement, it is never fully occupied.”

shdpI remembered Regional Director Allan Farnazo during the plenary session on Day O, of Module 1, when he said, “I don’t care kung magaling ka, I care kung magaling kayong lahat!” It was a simple statement that sends a lot of messages. You may interpret it based on your personal perspective or point of views. As for me, it is helping us find our places and putting us all at ground zero, a perfect platform for all of us to take off at once or all together as we start our journey to the School Heads Development Program: Foundation Course Module 1-3 focused on Instructional Leadership, Organizational Leadership and Exemplars. Someone said, no amount of training can change ones mindset and practices, unless he is willing to empty his cup, that is, to unlearn, learn and relearn. Continue reading

Joys and Pains of a Clerical Job

Achievement of ones work is not only measured by happiness or satisfying results but also for every drop of painful experience that one has conquered. As a quote says, “Do not count the drop of success that you have achieved but count the number of challenges that strengthened your attitudes and developed your good qualities as an achiever”. This quote counts a lot for the joys and pains that one can encounter in doing clerical jobs. Continue reading

Rekindling Patience on Clerical War

Patience is the best weapon to fight against war on clerical jobs. We tend to meet plenty of challenges that need immediate action to achieve a fulfilling remark from our clients. Others think that our task is easy. But they do not know that behind that simplicity of our work, we fight for excellence of service. Continue reading

Record Keeping: A Great Responsibility

Record keeping is a great responsibility. This requires patience and perseverance. One has to put records in its proper place for easy access. A document has to be placed in a folder properly labelled based on the content. In most cases folders or record books are alphabetically arranged in shelves.  This manner of records keeping has been practiced for decades. It has been the manner done in a record section of an office. Continue reading